Quality Policy

  • Quality Assurance

The severe conditions of plants require exceptionally high-quality products in order to yield the best results. We at KD VALVE listen to the requirements of the clients to provide best-in-class metal seated ball valves. It is a commitment for us to provide the best quality, so we select raw materials, design, manufacture, assemble, and inspect every unit built in order to make sure it holds up to our high standards. We have gained trust from many major companies in the industries we serve. Our quality control program works to exceed the required standards and undergoes any user specific inspection. The results went beyond clients’ expectation and they are available for review.

KD VALVE has exceeded the best-in-class quality and performance standards. We maintain major control program certifications, such as API 6D and Q1, ISO 9001:2000. We also reference many industrial standards and present results beyond customers’ expectations. These are all due to our strict and stern quality management. Unlike other competitors, our team of experts inspects all the produces units to ensure that each one of them performs as expected. Our customized designs enable us to provide the best optimal solutions for any severe application.