Improving critical areas in severe service applications for:
KD VALVE offers the best performance in the toughest environments. We put focus on improving the overall productivity of our clients’ plants as well as maintaining the best standard in the industry with our best-in-class metal valves. Having exceeded the international standard, we are quite confident that KD VALVE can serve any industry with severe applications and provide results that go beyond our clients’ expectations.
Improving critical areas in severe service applications for
Oil and Gas
KD VALVE introduced high technologies to offer long life cycle and high performance in the industry.
KD VALVE can offer solutions that can deal with various situations and applications.
Refining industry is one of the industrial fields that require the most reliable performances. KD VALVE has been leading in improving refining plants both domestically and internationally. The extreme demand of isolation and controlling are our expertise. Our valves are reliable for emergency isolation. Products from KD VALVE that are made with heavy solids can handle high pressures and temperatures. We have improved in many units of the refining process.
Power Plant
Building a power plant requires capable valves in critical areas. Our products have proved to solve many problems that arise from its operation. Our products introduce Zero-leakage and Zero-Bubble that tightly shut off to achieve superior quality which requires low or minimum maintenance. Indeed, KD VALVE is the best choice for the lowest maintenance cost.
Strength and durability are two attributes of KD VALVE that help it perform best in the toughest environment and tackle slurry, not to mention handling of solids. You don’t have to worry about downtime, leakage, safety, or efficiency.
Specialty Industries
Many industries trust our products that deliver high performance and enhance their productivity. KD VALVE can be implemented wherever severe applications. KD VALVE truly brings a far better performance, durability, and strength.