Unique features

  • Manufacturing by our R&D team that has invented our proprietary metallurgical method and provided KD VALVE’s products with erosion and corrosion resistance, durability, strength and thermal shock resistance.
  • Innovative engineering and precise manufacturing to ensure low torque and more economical usage of the actuation
  • Metal seat and ball gives zero leakage and tight shut off sealing performance
  • Our valves’ high hardness is considered best-in-class with values over HV2,000
  • Anti-wear down at abrasion and erosion applications, high temperature, and high pressure
  • Anti-corrosion against major chemicals, such as Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfide Acid, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Florid, Phosphate, Sea water, Alkali, etc.
  • Scraper designed seats are a unique feature of KD VALVE as they give our products perfect sealing of ball seat surface. It is designed to keep the Zero-leakage and enhance the shut off as well as remove foreign objects, particles, and slurry. Our design also provides longer life cycles than other competitor.
  • All of our products are customized from professional experts. Each product is unique, and it is made precisely to match our customer’s needs.