Steam Jacketed Metal Seated Ball Valve for high performance Service

KD VALVE is available in Metal to Metal seated design for high performance application, equipped with special designed steam jacketed valve body.

KD VALVE’s steam jacketed ball valve, designed to effectively maintain the temperature of the media. Jacketed ball valve design is Side entry split type valve body, and it is safer than end entry type valve body.

  • Range : #150~#300/1/2 inch~12 inch, User Spec
  • Standard : API, ANSI, ASME, DIN, User Spec, etc
  • Leakage Class : ANSI B16.104 (FCI 70-2) Class VI
  • Steam Jacket Pressure : up to 10 barg
  • Valve Type : Forged, Side Split Body
Case 5: The safety margins of a plant depend heavily on the valve’s integrity.
Severe operating conditions make it difficult to maintain a required temperature. KD VALVE design is to tackle the passing that happens inside the valve body which in return will cause a pump overloading problems. The design helps maintain the required temperature without compromising the integrity of the valve. It also helps prevent unwanted changes to the valve resulting from constant high temperature and pressure. Our valve is the most optimal choice for your specific requirements.