Severe Service Valve Solutions
Improving critical process in severe service.
KD VALVE offers the best performance in the toughest environments
Trusted Quality
KD VALVE’s customized designs enable us to provide the best optimal solutions
Innovation Technology
The best performance in the most demanding environment
to provide the most valuable experience to customers.

KD VALVE Corp., as a global leader in designing and manufacturing metal seated ball valve, has provided the best solutions for customers in worldwide industries for the four decades years.



KD VALVE provides a better future for the global energy industry with Innovative Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve.

World’s Leading Company to Control Valve Solution and Engineering Service by 2030

Core Values
KD People is a Control valve solutions Specialist focused on Energy industry.


Long Lifecycle and better performance
Standard Features
Zero-Leakage and Bubble-tight
Unique Features
High Hardness of over HV2,000


Manufacturing system
  • Manufacturing Valves
  • Long Experience
KD VALVE has a long history of building high-quality products based on core principles. We pursue quality, and to live up to that motto, we have developed our technologies and empowered our employees to achieve breakthroughs in metallurgy, design, build, and coating.
  • Custom made
  • Hand-made
KD VALVE’s designs are tailored to match customers’ requirements, and every bit of the manufacturing process is supervised by expert personnel to ensure best quality and performance. What is different from other brands is that valves we produce for a certain client are unique as they are made only for the client with precision and integrity.
Quality Assurance
  • Quality
  • Assurance
KD VALVE has exceeded the best-in-class quality and performance standards. We maintain major control program certifications, such as API 6D and Q1, ISO 9001:2000.. Unlike other competitors, our team of experts inspects all the produces units to ensure that each one of them performs as expected.
Inspection system
  • Innovation
  • Technology
The innovative KD VALVE metallurgical technology is a unique process that we invented to build the highest hardness in the industry that exceeds HRC80. This has made our valves become the best performers in the harshest conditions and applications. We constantly develop to better serve our clients’ needs.
Total Cost of Ownership
  • Minimizing invisible cost
  • Increase end-user revenue
KD VALVE seeks to deliver the best quality, service, and performance in order to provide the customers with benefits far beyond the visible costs (the prices of products).
Performance is a deciding factor for a valve and the potential of maximizing efficiency. Using our technological advancements, innovation and design, to extend a valve’s life is our goal.
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Severe Service Applications

Metal Seated Ball Valve for High Temperature Service

Metal Seated Ball Valve for High Abrasive and Erosion Service

Metal Seated Ball Valve for Polysilicon Industries

Segment Metal Seated Ball Valve for Powder Line

Special Products for High Erosion Conditions