Segment Metal Seat Ball Valve for Powder Line Service

KD VALVE is available in Segment Metal to Metal seated design for high performance application, equipped with special designed scraper and spring loaded seat. KD VALVE’s segment ball valve is superior performance in terms of powder and catalysts, such as a particle. The scraper seat design makes possible long-term operation by removing the fluid surface of the ball during valve operation.

  • Range : #150~#300 /1 inch~16 inch
  • Standard : API, ANSI, ASME, DIN, User Spec, etc.
  • Leakage Class : ANSI B16.104 (FCI 70-2) Class VI
Case 4: The best handling of CCR units
Our clients wanting to get rid of problems surrounding their plants chose KD VALVE. The previous valves had issues of external leakage and internal passing that cost a budget to solve and contain. Under high temperatures up to 340℃ the KDVALVE managed to maintain the highest durability and performance with no maintenance or changing increasing the end user production and saving precious resources, money, and time.