Metal Seated Ball Valve for High Temperature Service

KD VALVE is available in Metal to Metal seated design to endure High temperatures of up to +700 ℃, equipped with a special designed stem, packings, and loaded seat design.

A valve is designed to allow high temperature isolation work, and the actuator, or operation part, is designed to be protected from high temperature service.

  • Range : #150~#2500 /1/2 inch~32 inch
  • Standard : API, ANSI, ASME, DIN, User Spec, etc.
  • Leakage Class : ANSI B16.104 (FCI 70-2) Class VI
Case 1: KD VALVE replaces inferior products.
At ARDS unit in our client’s plant, there is other brand of metal seated ball valves. However, there have been several issues reported by the end-user, such as external leakage due to the stem and grand packing wore down. In addition, the valve also suffered internal passing as both the ball and the seat had sustained serious damage. Durability deteriorated rapidly after 2~3 months of operation.
After upgrading their plant with KD VALVE products, the client was more than pleased to witness huge improvement. Zero-leakage with no internal passing has shown signs of less damage. These KD VALVE products are using now over 10 years without any trouble.